How can you be so cruel to kill a dog skinned man

man is publicly how cruel dog barking! In order to prevent more small animal to be slaughtered, Xiaobian appeal to the public were more reporting, but also hope that the relevant law can be more perfect.


7, a netizen in a district of Chaoyang District near Lido, a man often get unsolicited dog tied up after skin leather. Community residents confirmed yesterday, but the man firmly denied. Lawyers said that the behavior of cruelty to animals has been very common, highlighting the urgent need for relevant legislation in our country to regulate.

4 7, users micro Bo said, a district of Beijing near Lido, a man often get unsolicited dogs, tied up, a few days to slaughter. Residents fear, repeatedly alarm, but no effect. Parents worry about their children’s mental health, because every time he saw a new dog, the child will know that the dog will be killed live peeling. What legal means should be used to effectively stop the man’s behavior?

Youth tip said that he had seen the man in his hut in the slaughter of a pet dog, and the dog hanging on the tree. Speaking of dog things, a child of the old man some resentment, "this thing you do not, you cannot afford to offend him".

otherwise more tenants reflect, the man began to dog stew from last year, almost a month to eat a dog, there are many pet dogs such as huskies. When eating dog meat, some neighbors will be invited to eat together. A mother said that her children saw the dog was not scared to be skinned, she was worried about their children’s mental health is affected.

the household confirmed that the dog for the residential building 1, a man surnamed liu.

by residents to identify dog   the parties denied

residential tenants Ms. Wang said, kill a man surnamed Liu, before the local villagers, especially love to eat dog meat, often from the outside to catch some stray dogs back a stew, the people in the village are commonplace. Ms. Wang said, the district where the former Township, after the demolition of many residents abandoned dogs, "here is a pet dog".

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