Renovation of old shops to start a new business

a shop does not change for decades, whether it is hardware or software have losses, if the long-term does not change, for the customer is not attractive. I now shop houses have been compared for nearly twenty years, is so narrow that the old, but if the flip problem put on the agenda, but the hearts of thousands and taste in the heart, I really want to, the most beautiful youth, the most romantic dream after all and it is ah.

this small old shop after all restricted the operation, if the re flip, not only the business area will be more out of ten square, and in front of the store can be more than more than and 30 flat space, convenient for customer parking, shopping shopping will not rest assured, parked on the roadside, let the police seriously uncle put ticket to heartache.

although I haven’t the refurbished store cover up, but my heart is on the new store design is already ready. It is important to the facade of the "color value", but the name of "face value" is more important, especially in the National Road and highway intersection place! The name is called the original has been nearly twenty years of "Hao East general store"? Or again a elegant name?

finally decided to listen to some more people, benefit by mutual discussion, learn widely from others’strong points. Many of the old customers, with the development of society, the progress of the times, "the two words" store has been out; express little brother said, no matter how the name change, "this two word Haodong" is definitely not lost, because he has come into our hearts. Friends joked, simply called the city shopping plaza. (because our village named city), I waved and smiled: "well, I can not afford to support this scale," the square "two words."

finally in all the old customers and old friends advice, our family after careful consideration, the final choice of "Hao East supermarket" this can make people remember the past, and the future tastes of the name. Perhaps the general name of the value is not high, but it contains a family of our own life and business in a different kind of friendship.

there, I will be in the supermarket one foot, put on the tables and chairs, brew a pot of fragrant and elegant tea, let the whole supermarket was quiet in the sweet tea, let the tired customers can whistle, rest your feet. This idea, in this space is now confined to the store, can only be a good wish. By the time of, and also put a book rack at the table, the tobacco journal and the evening news on top, let the customer to read the heart, patient communication.

I want to set up a courier goods area, this is a free set for the convenience of express little brother and recipient. It is a busy society, sometimes express people don’t have time to charge on time, and the time of shipment.

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