What are the supermarket promotions

speaking of promotion, for the general public, what is the most easy to use? I think a lot of people should be very clear, and the public has the closest contact is the supermarket. For supermarkets, shopping malls, shopping centers, the summer is a rare promotional season, many shopping malls to carry out a variety of promotional activities to impact sales. What are the supermarket promotions and promotions? What kind of supermarket promotions, promotion methods, promotional strategies to achieve the desired results?

supermarket promotion skills: anti season promotion

off-season promotions, the most common in the clothing area. Generally for the kind of practical customers more attractive. Many supermarkets often promotion in winter in summer, the store sold out discount.

supermarket promotions two: the lowest price promotion

customers like benefits, like to buy the best goods at the lowest price. Therefore, the low price can be described as a consumer shopping psychology, the effect is very obvious. Supermarkets can launch a number of specials to attract customers every day. This is to enhance the store and popularity is very good promotion methods.

supermarket promotions three: the highest price promotions

generally speaking, customers like cheap goods, the lower the better. But some supermarket is in the opposite direction, play the price card. This way can cause personal independence of conduct, the customers’ curiosity to find out.

generally speaking, playing cards at low prices are sometimes easy to arouse the suspicion of customers, high priced words, it is easy to make people feel credible. Of course, this promotion is only for the high income earners as the target of the supermarket effective. Applicability is not so wide.

supermarket promotion skills four: contrast promotion method

this promotion method is very suitable for new product promotion. Can not direct new promotional activities, and with the help of the old discount sale activities to attract consumers attention to the new product.

customers by comparing the old and new models, new products will find more attractive, but the real fashion to pay attention to the new will take the initiative to buy, pay attention to the benefits of those who will buy discounted goods, so, while promoting the two commodity sales.

in short, in the current fierce competition in the market, to take a certain promotional tools for the business of the store will have a very big help. So, with the introduction of the above small series, and now you have a deeper understanding of the supermarket promotion skills?

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