Jingdong announced that it will completely shut down pat Network

Jingdong has been to logistics speed, goods of high quality and famous, pat Network also used C2C mode to remain popular, and now the Jingdong decided to completely shut down pat Network, the news caused a lively discussion of the public.

The following is the full text of the announcement:

Dear pat net sellers and users friends:

in view of C2C (individual consumers) e-commerce mode in the current business environment Chinese supervision difficult, can not effectively eliminate fake and shoddy goods, to be fair to legitimate businesses, protect the interests of consumers, after careful consideration and evaluation, the Jingdong group decided to stop providing December 31, 2015 C2C mode (PAIPAI.COM). Service e-commerce platform. And in the three months after the transition period, in April 1, 2016, completely shut down the C2C model of e-commerce platform services (PAIPAI.COM).

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