Sanjiang nternational Photography Festival 12 days to carry out

According to the requirements and the source of Sanjiang International Photography Festival Organizing Committee deployment, 2014 China (Qinghai) Sanjiang International Photography Festival – "China Mobile 4G" date of the preparation work, carry out for July 12th in the south of Qinghai International Exhibition Center Hall C.

it is understood that China (Qinghai) Sanjiang International Photography Festival was founded in 2006, has been successfully held five sessions, the domestic and international photography enthusiastic attention and support, there have been 1500 photographers around the world more than and 200 countries and regions to become an event of China photography. This Photography Festival, sponsored by the State Council Information Office, China, Chinese Federation Photographers Association, the Qinghai provincial Party Committee Propaganda Department and other units, the Qinghai provincial government information office, Qinghai Provincial Federation, Qinghai province Photographers Association, China Mobile Qinghai company, Qinghai province culture and press hall, Qinghai television station, Qinghai provincial Tourism Bureau, Qinghai Lake scenic spot protection the administration of the contractor and Co.

Photography Festival will focus on protecting the Kunlun river — was the theme of the lens memory light of the world ", and actively organize a special large-scale exhibition, more than 80 individual exhibitors, nearly ten thousand works at home and abroad, both inside and outside the province more than 600 photographers. At the opening ceremony in July 12th, will also be invited to the domestic well-known photographers and from the United States, Germany, France, Britain and other 15 countries to participate in the famous photographer.

in order to further expand the influence and participation of the masses, set up a photography festival activities is very rich, in addition to photography exhibition, forum, photography, lectures and other professional activities, and photographic equipment exhibition, photography exhibition, new technology demonstration, car models show, theatrical performances, scene photography contest and a series in favor of the masses participate in activities. By then, a visual feast of light and shadow and colorful experience will be presented to the masses.


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