Sunflower city of love mountain children need help too

day, the reporter visited the North Tibetan village of Datong County Shuo Huangzhong County primary school, far ditch school, Huangyuan County town of the East gap center school, the school to understand the situation of poor students. In that evening will start the "sunflower" love action "to send their children to a bag of large-scale public events, the school principal and teachers are very excited, they told reporters, many students are too difficult, they need help so, on behalf of the student to the evening news, will provide help to love thank the people and enterprises!

Zhang in Huangyuan County East gap center school for more than 5 years, he can casually say more than 20 poor students and the name, a girl named Chao Haiyu in their class, parents are more than and 60 years old, the mother’s body is not good, often get sick, the family was very poor. Located in the mountain of brain of children in the class had 6, school is carrying a bun, a Monday day 3 meals only steamed bun and boiling water. Mention these children Zhang always said: "their home is too difficult, too need help".

The headmaster Zhang Shuo

Datong County North Tibetan village ditch far complete primary school told reporters that their school has 298 students, poor students accounted for 252 people, watching the children poor, because the number of school teachers to help them are weak. School grade six famous female student named Zhao Dexia, because the family has a serious illness caused by family poverty, in recent years, how did not see her through the new clothes, not to mention a bag of stationery. Zhang said the principal, I am very grateful to the evening news can be passed on the status quo of these poor students of their school to the community, so that more people understand the mountains of children, for the vast number of students in the mountains to dedicate a love. (author: Xu Shunkai)

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