Residents for the community beauty Xining community look new

East District, Xining City, Dongguan Street Office of the mercy of the community, 51 community nearly four hundred residents, to the community, face makeup, a new look in the community.

One morning two days before

, who lives in the provincial capital of the Xie Fuxiang riverside road from a door, they found that many people in the street under the wall of shovel broken bricks. Someone in the shovel, there are people pushing carts cleaning shovel out of bricks. Several enthusiastic women also beside the pits planted flowers. Xie Fuxiang see everyone are busy, but also quickly took a shovel from their own help.

is a resident of Fuxiang know Xie said: "we are going to finished the work you come ah, the next area are spent, this is the difference a piece." Xie Fuxiang hurried to the front to see what kind of flowers, quite a variety of species, there are chrysanthemums, golden lotus……

Chen Fenglian, director of

Tzu Chi community, said: "the community, like people, often wash their faces, so as to the spirit. Planting flowers is equivalent to the community beauty." The residents next to him laughed. They look forward to a period of time, the flowers bloom in the community.


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