Top dance feast will be staged in Xining

August 16th, dance feast: second Qinghai · Xining International Dance Festival and the ninth China dance "Lotus prize" classical dance contest will meet with the public in Xining cool, this will be the first in recent years China classical dance creations on display, but also a high level of China classical dance show event.

by the Central Propaganda Department approval, organized by the Federation of literary and art circles, Chinese by Qinghai provincial Party Committee Propaganda Department, Chinese Dancers Association, Xining Municipal People’s government, the Federation in Qinghai Province, Xining municipal Party Committee Propaganda Department contractors, Qinghai province Dancer Association, Xining Municipal Bureau of culture, Xining literary Federation, "CCTV dance world" column co organized the second session of the Qinghai · Xining; International Dance Festival and the ninth China dance "Lotus prize" classical dance contest.

Since the founding of

in 1997, the Lotus Award of Chinese dance has become an expert Award for the highest achievement of Chinese Professional Dance art. In the "Lotus prize" in the family, Chinese classical dance competition is a very important project in the diversified development pattern and China folk dance, ballet and contemporary dance in the classical dance, China always occupies an important and unique position. The "Lotus prize" classical dance competition has also been a positive response from dance troupes across the country, a total of troupes from various provinces and cities nationwide professional colleges, 137 works around the association and troops team select entries. The Organizing Committee of experts for the evaluation work in Beijing, after a rigorous screening, there are 46 Works into the semifinals, including single and double 30, three dance works, dance works 16. By then, representatives from all over the country will gather in Xining, in the 2 semi-finals, the final competition in the fierce competition in the competition of the "Lotus Award" classic dance works and gold, silver and copper Award for the creation and performance of the 2. Concerned about the cause of Chinese classical dance art experts, scholars will also gather in Qinghai, Xining, to explore the future development of Chinese classical dance.

It is reported that

, the classical dance contest and the last game apart for eight years, after the 2005 fifth lotus prize dance competition held again national classical dance contest, the classical dance of the "Golden Lotus" flowers who will be very exciting. (author: Zhang Qian)

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