This year the province’s college entrance examination scores of physical examination to determine

yesterday, the provincial admissions announced to the public on 2014 college enrollment in our province sports specialized unified exam qualification exam scores, professional Liberal Arts candidates for more than 60.13 points, science candidates is more than 60.

this year, the province a total of 575 candidates to apply, not to the scene to confirm the registration of candidates for 86 people, physical examination of the unqualified person, after passing the examination qualified to confirm the enrollment number of 474 people, a decrease of more than last year, a total of 65 people. April 23rd to 25, these candidates unified to the College of physical education in Qinghai Normal University to participate in the test site to run back to the 5 meters to run, 100 m run, a run of 800 meters, standing long jump, shot put in place and other items of the test. As in previous years, this year, the province’s sports examination part of the project to take electronic instruments ranging, timing and full video.

in accordance with the provisions of this year, the province’s sports professional examination eligibility criteria determined by the provincial election committee, announced by the Qinghai Normal University is responsible for the results, candidates can log in Qinghai Recruitment Information Network query. Candidates must participate in the examination of the national college entrance examination. Professional examination qualified and reached the province to determine the lowest scores in the cultural lesson score of the control of the candidates, can fill sports professional volunteer. The candidates to fill volunteer volunteer information to test Zhaoban reported prevail. Sports candidates can also be reported in addition to the batch of other batches of non sports colleges and universities in advance admission batch of non sports institutions. Based on test score candidates qualified and professional sports culture course examination results meet the minimum control points identified in the province on the cultural course achievement ranking Toudang, college merit.

for the convenience of the majority of candidates know their physical examination professional achievements in the first time, the provincial admissions requirements of each test area should speed the admissions examination results will notice to all candidates, and do the professional examination of qualified candidates sports candidates and fill in the registration form into the file. Professional examination candidates will be arranged in accordance with the physical examination room, candidates will not be eligible for literature and history, science and engineering class layout examination room.


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