The beauty of Xining is beyond your imagination


came to Xining city at night, you will be in like a beautiful fairy tale kingdom. Ambilight night outline of Xining city’s second magnificent contour line. The 54 bridge to see the river, feeling quite Nanchuan glittering "center square of Vitoria harbor some taste; Tongren passing bridge yaokan exit" Habitat "Beishan that one" Green Peacock "; the Kunlun bridge in the South West Temple beautiful decoration; high-speed Shangri-La ornamental Crystal Palace like golden roof…… You will exclaim: the beauty of the night scene in Xining is beyond imagination.

2012, the Xining municipal government attaches great importance to the joint efforts of the four districts and relevant departments, Xining night lighting up a new height. This height is not only reflected in the lighting standards, quality and taste with big city par, but also because it allows Xining city’s image and reputation has been further improved, it is hard to make people living environment more beautiful, more bright, more comfortable building concept has been proved once again.

when you walk through the streets of Xining in the evening, you will feel a kind of energy, a passion, a kind of enjoyment and a pride of the people of Xining.

Central Plaza, Vitoria harbour,


night, standing in 54 on the bridge, you will see the beam center square, Nanchuan River and surrounding buildings on the rainbow, constitute the most abundant, Xining City, the night the most gorgeous layering and sense of encirclement of the skyline. Xining stadium, JinJiang Inn Hotel, Agricultural Bank of China Everbright Securities, Changjiang Road, a residential building, building, building, Grand Park ward Xinhua Bookstore, Wangfujing stone, Bank of Qinghai Huang light, like a half open folds, enchanting charming rose. From the center of the square in turn, there is really a little feeling of Hongkong harbor, Vitoria, can not help but make people passionate surge.

2012, Chengzhong District, in line with the principle of humanity, integration, energy efficient and adjust measures to local conditions, commissioned by the China’s leading lighting production company according to the surrounding square building with different position and in the design characteristics of the lighting scheme, achieve a harmonious, solemn, bright color effect. Through the tianpingbuqi, adjacent to the top of building lighting skyline coordinated, greatly enhance the lighting effect.

golden roof like into the Green fairy tale

night, at the foot of Xishan District of Shangri-La well-proportioned roof will become a "Golden Crystal House", just like walked into a fairy tale world, too wonderful for words. Only such a residential area at night, to a bright area, and Nanzenji night lighting Vicenza, complement each other, Xining has become the landmark of the night.

2012, in accordance with the overall planning of the city lighting lighting deployment, the west area in accordance with the design of the night and the city and the building features coincide with different functional nature of the streets and lots, specific;

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