Xining South Ring Road around Xiakou tunnel across the board through the picture

days ago, South Ring Road Tunnel around a gap opened up, Xiakou tunnel through the advance of the Xining South Ring Road Construction process.

reporter from the Provincial Communications Department learned that the Xining South Ring Road from caojiabao interchange, the traffic has been built in Beijing to Lhasa Expressway safely to Xining section, through a small gorge, yanggouwan, Shen Jiazai, Yin Tang, Tonghai, Xining to stop from Ma long, Huangyuan highways have been received the completion of a total length of 61 km, across the board with a two-way six lane Expressway standard, the design speed of 100 kilometers per hour, roadbed width of 33.5 meters, a total investment of about 9 billion 580 million yuan.


South Ring Road is an important part of the highway network in Qinghai Province, the construction of highway for the improvement of the national highway network, the implementation of west development strategy, improve regional traffic conditions, alleviate the traffic pressure in the city of Xining City, has a very important significance to promote the harmonious development of regional economy and society.

narrows tunnel with small gap and Dongchuan economic development zone is connected, is one of South Ring Road control project. A tunnel for the separated tunnel, a total length of 2980 meters, the tunnel construction began in November 2011 when. Due to the long tunnel, the construction site is narrow, the terrain, the terrain conditions are poor, a variety of objective adverse factors to the safety construction has brought great difficulties. In order to successfully complete the task of security tunnel construction, general contracting project department according to the actual situation of the tunnel construction optimization design, improve the construction process, to overcome the tunnel through the collapsible loess layer, gravel layer and other problems, deepen the "standardization" and "quality year" and new technology, new technology, new material application to better ensure the engineering quality, through field measurement, the deviation in the tunnel through data drawing specification within the allowable range, through the tunnel in good condition. The construction lasted more than and 700 days without accident target. (author: Ni Xiaoying)

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