Xining City ndustrial and commercial bureau of the home and the streets of home and abroad to prote

to maintain the order of rural household appliance market, and actively promote the work of home appliances to the countryside. Recently, Xining City Industrial and commercial bureau of industry and commerce so Mo Street TV, washing machine, water heater, refrigerator, electric heater, electric blankets and other household appliances goods as the focus, conduct a special inspection of the home appliance market, to escort for home appliances. Inspection, law enforcement officers on the main source of household goods sales operators is legitimate, whether the renovation, waste household appliances, quality management behavior norms for the supervision and inspection, in order to prevent the name of home appliances to the countryside distribution of fake and shoddy goods behavior, and earnestly safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of farmers. In the area of home appliances designated sales outlets for inspection, found that the enterprises failing to set up a "home appliances to the countryside" counter products, home appliances and other goods so confused, industrial and commercial inspection staff promptly ordered corrected enterprises.

at the same time, and give full play to the 12315 consumer complaints reporting network, conscientiously accept and in accordance with the law of the consumer report home appliances commodities complaints in the 3.15 approaching, actively promote the appliance selection, use common sense to promote consumers to improve ability to identify fake goods, actively help consumers identify farmers "home appliances to the countryside" logo consumers, to guide farmers to the designated outlets to buy household appliances, really let the farmers buy the rest assured high quality and inexpensive home appliances.


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