Xining City 247 candidates to enjoy the double female households in rural entrance examination plus

double women in rural households entrance examination policy is a family planning for the family of the introduction of an interest oriented policy. This policy since 2013 since the introduction in our city has been successfully implemented for two years, as of June 1st, the 2015 annual "double female households in rural senior high school entrance examination points" audit work has been successfully completed, the city of Xining City, a total of 247 candidates enjoy the preferential policies.

it is understood that since May 19th, rural two daughters’family bonus audit work started, in order to guarantee the seriousness and fairness of this work, the City Planning Commission asked the district to levels of responsibility, careful examination, to ensure high quality and efficient completion of audit work. After the village and township (town), district (county) City Planning Commission and the layers of audit checks, this year in line with the policy of rural female households enjoy double points of the candidates, a total of 247, the East District 28, Chengzhong District 76, West District 34, district 85, north of the city of Datong County, 1 Huangzhong county 7, Huangyuan county 3, Dongchuan Industrial Park 7, in addition to 6 migrant workers, of which 2 migrant workers in the province.


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