5568 science and technology innovation project implemented this year

this year, the Xining Municipal Science and Technology Bureau will promote the overall innovation of "5568" project, 5 Science and technology action, build 5 platforms, 6 outstanding science and technology projects and the construction of 8 research and innovation base, accelerate technological innovation system and technology service system construction.

"5568" science and technology innovation project, 5 Science and technology action refers to the cultivation of action, characteristics and advantages of Industrial Science and technology of strategic emerging industry to enhance the action of suburban, modern agriculture and animal husbandry industry science and technology support action, social action, the introduction of science and Technology Service Innovation and entrepreneurial talents; 5 platform including science and technology investment and financing service platform, information technology equipment and technology sharing service platform, service platform, industrial technology trading technology innovation in key areas of science and Technology Incubation Platform, management information service platform; 6 science and technology projects refers to the mineral resources of key technologies, new energy medicine and modern biological technology, processing technology, circular economy and energy-saving emission reduction technology, ecological agriculture and green technology, science and technology the service platform construction; research and innovation base is solar photovoltaic, Tibetan medicine, Tibetan Plateau biological characteristics Resource development, equipment manufacturing machinery, Tibetan carpet, non-ferrous metals, agricultural and livestock products processing, electronic materials and 8 bases.

according to the plan, this year, the Xining Municipal Science and Technology Bureau will focus on supporting the new energy and new materials, including strategic emerging industry, deep processing of special biological resources, suburban agricultural plateau characteristics, technical research and development of ecology and environmental science and technology, population and health technology and common disease and endemic diseases comprehensive study on prevention and control technology and social public security science and technology information security, network security, security and other biochemical high-tech development and application and rapid response to public emergencies and emergency technical support, improve the technical level of public security.


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