Central Plaza North expansion project started Datong Street bridge reconstruction project started co

today, as the center of Xining North expansion project is an important part of Datong Road bridge renovation project started construction, road bridge will be mo honorable retirement, replaced by a modern bridge, people can access the car. The project makes Datong Street straight and Changjiang Road crossing, the traffic between the city area and transition area west of more convenient. Xining also marked the center of the north central expansion project officially launched.

it is understood that the expansion of the north central square is a key construction project of Xining city "in 12th Five-Year" during the project, outstanding build along the Nanchuan River New City Central City of Xining, will make Xining city spatial layout and city function change and upgrade. The key is to get through North expansion project to Datong Xing Hai Lu street, 54 street to Jiefang Road east-west traffic roads, make the transition between city district and west district traffic more convenient, thus alleviate the traffic pressure on the surrounding West Street, 71 road.

Datong Street reconstruction project as one of the first phase of the central square of the North expansion project in the construction project by Xining Nanchuan comprehensive development project management committee is responsible for the implementation of. The west the Yellow River Road, East comity street, a total length of 558 meters, the bridge is 64 meters long, the road for the city branch of the II standard, planning road width of 20-24 meters, a width of 12-16 meters, the sidewalk width of 4 meters, the design speed of 30 km / hour, grade a highway bridge.

through the construction of this project, the diversion surrounding West Street, 71 Road, 54 street and other road traffic pressure, improve the downtown road network construction, at the same time, to further revitalize the city resources, the value of the land along the road has also been improved, expanded the new space of city, to promote vigorous development of Nanchuan River cross-strait economic construction. It is very important to enhance the taste of the city. (author: Han Yihua)

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