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more than and 20 years, Zhu Bei Village Ye Zhanxiang Bao Zi Zhen Cheng Bei District of Xining City, four adult daughter pull alone. Life for the ordinary farmers, more difficult and difficult. "And" the traditional concept, it is ingrained in her heart. For the future life is guaranteed, Zhanxiang deliberately leaves around big daughter and son-in-law in.

2009, the news of the new agricultural insurance pilot in Qinghai spread to the village, farmers can also take the same as the City retired wages." Then, Zhanxiang leaves at the age of 61, although the body bone tough, daughters filial piety, every month to give her some living expenses, but with increasing age, Ye Zhanxiang had to consider the future of life.

2010, good things come. North of the city of Xining was included in the scope of the new agricultural insurance pilot, Haruki held a new agricultural insurance pension payment ceremony. Zhu North Village 60 years of age and above farmers, one hand covered with the "new agricultural insurance" special chapter of the red postal savings passbook. Ye Zhanxiang took his "red book", happy too close mouth. From that day on, every month, her "red book" has a pension of 60 yuan.

this year, the new agricultural insurance basic pension rose to 90 yuan per person per month. "Save a life, old age, I did not expect the government sent us the" Red Book "." Although the "red book" on the money is not much, but to bring the joy of Ye Zhanxiang has never been.

in recent years, home conditions are good, houses, girls mother support is not a problem, let Ye Zhanxiang happy old age pension has more sweet: "pension saved but also to their own clothes, to buy some delicious grandson. Hope that the ‘red book’ on the number of years up ah." Ye Zhanxiang said with a smile in his mouth.

"new rural insurance" so that many rural elderly in mind at ease, whether it is tens of dollars, or a few hundred dollars, the red book on the growing number of farmers is an important guarantee for their later life.

users hot: new agricultural insurance to achieve full coverage

Netizen "

Mo foot": the eighteen report is encouraging, said is the people thing, especially that social security is a basic system to protect people’s life and adjusting social distribution, to build a social security system covering both urban and rural residents. Each of us has an old age, these good policies, for our future insurance, I believe that our future will be better and better.

users, rural people: I experienced the new rural cooperative, two new agricultural insurance system to promote the process of popularization, witnessed the real benefits of these two systems to farmers. As a grass-roots staff, as long as people enjoy a good policy, what is the value of.

users hibernate polar bear: our province has achieved a full coverage of the new agricultural insurance and city living security system, two years earlier than the national requirements. This year, our province’s new agricultural insurance and city in standard and improve, after the mentioned standard, basic pension insurance level riesi province city of new agricultural insurance and home;

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