People praise the door of a good school features

there are so many good schools at home, each school has its own characteristics!" Holding the "West Sea Metropolis Daily", the public Mr. Wu said. Mr. Wu’s children will enter primary school next year, to understand the characteristics of the school has become his daily work this year". Since October 14th, the newspaper launched a series of good schools around, not only received the praise of parents, but also caused widespread concern in the community.

the "good schools around" a series of reports, to "Xing Hai Lu primary school: National Unity Education" into the characteristics of opening, has launched a Qinghai Huangchuan branch, Xining century occupation technical school, victory road primary school eight good schools around. After a series of reports published, the newspaper 96369 hotline received a call from the provinces and cities of the majority of readers. A citizen said on the phone, whether it is from the interest of the primary school teaching, individualized training of junior middle school, high school or to the international route, to the mode of vocational skills, very detailed reports, make the public more in-depth understanding of the door is a good school, look forward to seeing more good school reports.

46 year old Mr. Yan is to fly to Beijing to see the newspaper on the side of the good school series of reports, the plane, he can not wait to call the newspaper news hotline 96369. His children will soon be in the exam, the academic record is very good, but reported that the school has been hesitant family. I let the child also bought a copy of the "West Sea Metropolis Daily", let him look at themselves, in the end like what kind of school." Mr. Yan said.

"side of the good school" series of reports, in addition to the parents and children to know a good school at the door, but also for the school to create a mutual understanding and learning opportunities. Each school has its own characteristics, we can not close the door to school, to learn more about the characteristics of other schools of education, and then combined with the actual school, learn from each other, to explore the road to school." 21, North Street Primary School Principals Li Ying read the newspaper reported that a comparison and competition, the school will have development power, there will be progress, she hopes to take this opportunity to let more parents understand the school trends, understand the different teaching.

in the next "good schools around" a series of reports, this newspaper will continue to visit us a good school, let the people see the changes of school education, see the teaching quality of Xining City, to see the school for education efforts, so that more people concerned with school education, attention to children. (author: Peng Nafan Cheng Cheng)

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