Xining City special organs Yong lazy luxury 68 people last year by the party and government discipli

February 12th, the reporter learned from the executive meeting of the Xining municipal government held last year, Xining took the lead in the province to carry out the mediocre lazy luxury special rectification activities, and increase the intensity of the petition petition. Throughout the year, Xining city discipline inspection and supervision organs accepted the petition report 569, prokaryotic clues 111, filing 52, closed 49, 68 people have been party and government discipline, the county level cadres 2 people.

this year, Xining will focus on solving the policy does not fall problem. Deepen the reform of administrative examination and approval system, further adjust and standardize the administrative examination and approval, the implementation of process reengineering, compression approval time, improve administrative efficiency and service level, to create a good administrative environment for all types of market players and the development of entrepreneurship. Will further promote the government performance management, strict implementation of accountability, accountability to promote the implementation of the measures.

at the same time, will intensify efforts to fight corruption, so the case will have to check, there will be anti rot, with "zero tolerance" attitude, and resolutely investigate and discipline violations, and unimpeded reporting channels, expand the source clues; will intensify the investigation field of engineering construction and discipline violations efforts; to further promote open government, public food and drug and low-income housing allocation, medical service fees and other matters related to the people’s livelihood, to prevent the abuse of power and the black box operation.

also learned that this year Xining will determine the 8 industries and departments, continue to report to the people, please review the people "live activities, listen to the voice of the people, to accept the people’s supervision.


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