West three simultaneous implementation of the mass line

for the people service card, people contact card, public records…… Since last year, the first batch of the party’s mass line of educational practice since the beginning of each year, West District, county level cadres in-depth contact point of not less than 4 times, not less than 5 times the level cadres, general cadres not less than 10 times. The cadres of the region’s 428 people’s diary on the densely recorded people encountered difficulties and requirements.

West District strict implementation of the number one responsibility system, the full implementation of the first line of work, the masses saw the change, to see the results. Since last year, the first batch of the party’s mass line educational practice activities, in accordance with the understanding of west area synchronization, synchronization, improve the style of work to resolve the outstanding problems of synchronization requirements, leading cadres at all levels do not wait, do not wait, positive grassroots, actively promote the research plan, widely remonstrance, with practical action to solve the urgent and difficult bothering. Last year, the district focused on the implementation of the 6 major categories of private projects on schedule to complete the 19. Invested 4 million 100 thousand yuan to do practical things for the grassroots and the masses of the 283. Belonged to the units to cadres on volunteer service as the carrier, to carry out "Qingnuan migrant workers" attention to vulnerable groups, at the same time, the implementation of energy-saving wall Village District of Yushu, to solve the practical difficulties of the Tibetan people within the district.

ahead of planning, the first study, district planning ahead of schedule, advance into the state. The district Standing Committee held a meeting, the preparatory work of the party’s mass line of educational practice, Party committee organization into the area of towns, streets to carry out research activities of Dundian, the preparation stage of organizational learning, research and academic legislation to change the three stages of key work requests, so closely. The majority of Party members formed a consensus in the centralized science, communication science, suggestology promote each other; heart asked, moving really tough action, the district consists of the special investigation group of county leading cadres to take the lead in the grassroots and the masses, take the lead to carry out investigation visits, take the masses to mention, find themselves, in-depth investigation and interview, discussion and questionnaires to collect the "golden point" of 346, finishing 65 specific opinions involving organ style and livelihood areas etc.. To carry out the "Yong lazy luxury" special rectification activities, the region’s 41 units to implement on the change style, austerity situation thorough investigation of the provisions of the eight Central and provincial Party committee, criticized 17 people, admonishing conversation of 5 people, 3 staff work to play the game will be ordered to dismiss the handling behavior. Since 2013, the number of meetings in the West District 25% decline over the same period last year, the number of documents decreased by 8%, official car spending decreased by 36.9%, the official reception fee decreased by 56.81%.


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