Today in Xining new node you

The national "The Belt and Road" development strategy, the opportunities to Xining is subversive, let Xining have stood on the new heights of the world, become an important node in the city connecting West Eurasian Economic zone. Such a big background gives the 2015 cities in Xining to renew the connotation of greater opportunities.

I focus on speeding up the city infrastructure construction, and gradually improve the city carrier function. First, the infrastructure to expand the standard surface". Four years of accumulated infrastructure investment 52 billion 540 million yuan, an average annual increase of 43%, "12th Five-Year" since the area from 103 square kilometers to 113 square kilometers, nearly three years of the demolition of 13 million square meters, and comprehensively promote the comprehensive transformation of the train station, Central Plaza, airport high speed along the North expansion, Nanchuan River comprehensive management of key area the transformation, DOPA Metro started construction, "five LIAN" to accelerate the pace of the water into the city projects fast forward, recycled water, sewage treatment plant and supporting pipe network, river comprehensive management project smooth implementation. More than 90 km of new roads, water supply, drainage networks were up to 1000 km, 920 km, the main city of natural gas coverage rate of up to 98%, the city’s ability to protect significantly. Two is a significant improvement in the service level of the third industry. According to statistics, the city’s third industrial added value of an average annual growth of 10.2%, Wanda, Shen base, Huarun and a number of new business enterprises settled in Xining. The future will further develop "Internet plus", e-commerce, cross-border e-commerce business and a series of new formats, and constantly improve the level of service business. Three public service capacity is significantly enhanced. Since 12th Five-Year, for the people’s livelihood expenditure accounted for more than 80% of the city’s fiscal expenditure. One aspect of the social security and employment, and continuously improve the standard of urban and rural residents, a low-income family economic status checking mechanism, promote the urban and rural residents have, dynamic management; adhere to the employment as a priority among priorities of people’s livelihood, issued a;

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