Xining 59 million 800 thousand yuan subsidy to promote the reform of public hospitals

This year, the city of Xining for 59 million 800 thousand yuan of special funds, for the five municipal public hospitals to cancel the lower after drug addition and public hospital medical equipment purchase, key discipline construction, personnel training and other expenses, and comprehensively promote the reform of public hospitals.

solution for the people "difficult and expensive" and other issues, the Xining pilot, to explore a model of Xining medical road. In terms of capital investment to adhere to the "small finance, livelihood" concept, increase investment, vigorously promote the reform of health system, health expenditure accounted for regular financial expenditure increased year by year. Public hospital reform investment from 20 million 400 thousand yuan before the reform increased to $109 million in 2015, an average annual growth of 27%. Among them: the special investment increased from 1 million yuan to $about 58000000, an average annual growth of 78%.

for the promotion of municipal public hospital reform, Xining city to promote the city’s public hospitals return to public welfare as the goal, reasonably determine the scale of public hospital compensation payments, mainly in line with national regulations retired personnel funds and on-the-job personnel expenses, canceled after drug addition to reduce income and bear the government’s emergency rescue and disaster relief, agriculture, urban and rural hospitals and non targeted aid etc..  

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