The West District of Xining city will achieve full coverage of community nursing home station

with a number of community elderly day care center, day care, housekeeping services for the elderly and other special care for nursing care services home-based care services, will achieve full coverage in the West District of Xining city at the end of this year.

community elderly day care center is also called "community daycare station", is to provide life care, a new pension model rehabilitation care, spiritual comfort, culture and entertainment services for elderly people living in the area. Since the beginning of 2012, the west district has been established in the area of the 12 communities of the 12 community home care service station. This year, the new West District in the other 8 of the 8 community elderly day care center has been built and is being renovated, will by the end of the year, the 8 elderly day care center after the completion of the west area of all communities will have at least one "center station".

according to reports, the west district each community elderly day care center area of not less than 200 square meters, beds of not less than 10. The elderly day care center is equipped with a health care room, day care room, multi function room, convenience supermarket, massage room, reading room (painting room), fitness room, chess room and restaurant. Elderly day care center for the area alone, empty nest, disability and other life need to take care of the elderly to provide medical care, legal rights, voluntary service and other low compensation services, to meet the service needs of the elderly home care. In addition, if the elderly mobility inconvenience, service stations will also be based on the needs of the elderly, to help the elderly cleaning, distribution of food, laundry, etc.. (author: Wu Yachun)

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