Xining police cracked a large drug trafficking case seized 120 grams of methamphetamine

July 29th, the Xining Municipal Public Security Bureau West Branch narcotics brigade, with the assistance of the relevant departments, cracked the case of inter provincial trafficking of methamphetamine, the suspects were arrested on the spot and seized 120 grams of methamphetamine.

West Branch narcotics brigade in the song and dance entertainment, special industry drug-related problems found in the process of rectification, some people in the dance halls, bars, hotels, cafes, tea shops selling drugs. Subsequently, the police through the investigation, found that there are significant suspects. The police after more than a month of tracking investigation, July 29th, in a bar in Xining City, Wen Miao Jie, Chengzhong district will be returned from the field back to Xining to buy drugs trafficking longmou arrested on the spot from his carry black backpack in two bags of methamphetamine seized drugs, about 120 grams. At present, the suspect has been under criminal detention, the case is under further investigation.

police in the case said, now, some young people to dance entertainment as a fashionable place, not find something fresh and stimulating, personality play, feel not enough fashion, so to catch the "trend" learned "skating" taking new drugs k powder, Magu etc.. In the future, the West anti drug brigade in the anti drug propaganda efforts, but also will increase the entertainment, hotel management, supervision and inspection efforts.


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