West will urge the development of modern service industry cluster

July 4th, reporter held from the West District of Xining City, the thirteen session of the seven plenary meeting was informed that the second half of the year, the west district to the development of modern service industry is to adjust the structure to the way the strategic focus to the development of commercial buildings, neighborhood characteristics and headquarters economy as the focus, with nearly third industry transformation and upgrade level enhance the ability of leading industry.

cultivate modern service industry as a new economic growth point

in the development of modern service industry, West District will actively develop financial insurance, information transmission, electronic commerce, tourism exhibition, cultural industry and intermediary services and other high-end services, to further increase the financial investment, strengthen the promotion of the province’s financial agglomeration radiation impetusfunction. The service of Beijing New Hualian, Dalian Wanda, West Street and other city complex construction, enhance the level and quality of business. Will accelerate the construction of standardized farmers market, breakfast project, a chain of convenience stores and other commercial facilities, help farmers to carry out investment and wo Shengyuan supermarket to grow steadily. Small farmers will promote the standardization of the farmers market as soon as possible start. At the same time, accelerate the development of community services, home services, stimulating rapid growth in consumption, promote the development of modern service industry cluster.

investment means to accelerate the adjustment of industrial structure

project is the lifeblood and foundation of development, West District will adjust the investment ideas, enhance investment effect, optimize the investment environment, improve project planning, packaging, promotion and overall promotion level. Will focus on doing the second itefcewc preparations, the use of market-based instruments, the introduction of social capital to participate in the transformation of enterprises and the construction of key area, integration of land resources, reduce the cost of renovation, improve work efficiency. Will be in the construction of the headquarters building and new commercial buildings as a breakthrough, to speed up the economic development of the headquarters economy, building a way to support and preferential policies to attract strong industry relationship of the modern service industry into the area of operation, great efforts to introduce a number of market driven effect, big capacity, long industrial chain quality project.

foster more market players

west region will fully implement the province, the city of Xining on the support of small and micro enterprise development policies, to study the development of small and micro enterprises to support the "measures", in order to inject shares, small loan guarantees, financial discount and other means, focusing on cultivating the market main body development research and design, information services, cultural creativity, business exhibition and other services. Will do a good job of service enterprise "or the regulatory limit, the jurisdiction of the various types of enterprises thoroughly, on a good momentum of development, enterprises with good growth, through effective service and support, let it from the scale up to above scale, from the rise to the limit, the growing area of the total number of enterprises, enhance the enterprise scale and development to achieve quality, growth and employment, the purpose of developing wealth. (author: Wu Yachun Xi Tao)

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