To ensure the safety of the masses of the people in Xining Wang Xiao drug production circulation an

September 9th, the Provincial Standing Committee, vice governor Wang Xiao in Xining research drug production, circulation and supervision.

in Qinghai pharmaceutical factory, Wang Xiao stressed that the more successful at the time to tighten the string of safety and quality, want companies to strict customs purchase of raw materials, production and sales to strengthen management, increase staff training and product development efforts, play an exemplary role in the implementation of the new version of GMP. In Jinhe Tibetan medicine, Wang Xiao said, is the foundation of Tibetan medicine raw materials, medicine is to win the trust of consumers, to the construction of high-quality raw materials base to develop more new products, and to our province Tibet medicine industry development proposals. Wang Xiao said, in hisami Tibetan medicine, pharmaceutical industry in the diversity of Jiumei displays, enterprises should strengthen the whole chain at the same time, seamless management, increase investment in research and development, and in improving the Tibetan medicine industry in our province to actively explore concentration, improve the standard system etc.. In the heart of the pharmaceutical industry, Wang Xiao hope that enterprises in drug procurement, transportation, storage, sales and after-sales service and other aspects of strengthening management, and requested the relevant departments to give support to their import and export business. At the Institute for drug control, Wang Xiao called for a new contribution to the development of technology, personnel training and external cooperation.

Wang Xiao requirements, regulatory authorities to further intensify supervision, improve service levels, promote social cohabitation, and resolutely prevent the problem of drugs into the market, to ensure the safety of the people. (author: Li Xin)

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