The mobilization of the whole people to create a health city an open letter to the general public

to create a national health city is an important event related to the long-term development of Xining, is the common aspiration of the people of the city people, to improve the investment environment and beautify the living environment, promote the coordinated development of economy and society has far-reaching significance. To improve the city Chuangwei work, we appeal to the general public issued the following:

, I love Xining, the attitude of masters actively participate in the activities of health. Create a national health city is a social system engineering, is every citizen’s bounden responsibility and the duty, the needs of the people of common concern, support and participation of Chuangwei Chuangwei Chuangwei, long-term development for the city’s active brainstorming with our hands together to create and maintain a clean and beautiful livable environment, in the process of moving a harmonious society in Xining to the thriving and prosperous left in which we fought and deeply branded the.

two, from my start, striving to be the vanguard of health. To create a National Health City lofty mission, responsibility, the full support of the public and enthusiastic participation. We need to start from their own, from the family to start, start from little things, starting from today, and make sure not to foul language, not the mob; no spitting, no toilet; no littering, no littering, not throwing sewage; not Luandaluanjian, not Luantie doodle; do not damage the public facilities; don’t smoke in public; not Luanchuanmalu; do not trample the lawn, not flowers. Advocate civilized and healthy new habits, get rid of to be a civilized citizen, outdated customs and bad habits, with practical actions to Chuangwei activities chelseagreat.

three, together, create a better image of summer. Let Xining beautiful clean, is our common wish. To achieve the goal of creating the National Health City, we are duty bound, the majority of workers, women and young friends should be based on their own to make more contributions to health. Every citizen is a kindling Town, is the messenger of love, is to correct violations of obligations of propagandists, supervisors, we look forward to you with full enthusiasm, dedication to a love as an obligation.

create health city, you and I.

what your comments and suggestions on Chuangwei work, please contact the Municipal Health Office (Tel: 6265951) contact.

City Health Office City Patriotic Sanitation City Civilization City Management Committee Union City Board of education, municipal Party Committee Municipal Women’s Federation


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