Three excellent cool Xining tourists praise

when other city residents suffer like fire barbecue, Xining people can freely eat hot spicy Hot pot, when the other residents of the city at night suffer mosquito bite force, the people of Xining are already asleep. To this end, a group of almost to be scorched tourists have to hide in the summer of Xining, came to Xining, they know that there are three goods in Xining.

a good: do not open air conditioning

before I came to Xining, Hebei students always think Beidaihe is a small warm summer resort, he said: "to Xining, to know what is the real summer resort, Beidaihe well, but also have air conditioning in Xining, I found all alone is air conditioning, even few people use electric fan moreover, Xining is well-known, far and near the Hehuang culture! I understand why so many tourists choose Xining as the first stop in the west, and the summer resort should be Xining."

two good: sleeping quilt cover

has just arrived from Xi’an, Shaanxi, Wang Wei, the young man met the thunder shower, too late to escape, he was wet, cold shiver: "this is also called the summer?" A rain can make a person cold." Then he smiled and added: "I was rushed to Xining this cool strength just to travel to Xining, I have not found the fire in the body, and even sleep also need to cover a thin bed quilt in Xining, the whole people feel very comfortable, I really want to pack away some cool air in Xining!"

Miyoshi: rare mosquito

in the eyes of the little girl in Guangdong, Xining is a lovely city let her intoxicated, more importantly, she is no longer a mosquito feast. Xiao Qi said: "the original country really have such a city is not in the summer mosquito nets, and I finally do not have to suffer from the siege of mosquitoes. You know, in Guangdong, mosquito bites will be crazy, how good mosquito nets can not stop the attack of mosquitoes. When I came to Xining I saw no nets in the hotel, also worried that they will be bitten by a mosquito, the first night in Xining as a result of late in the summer I slept peacefully, without a mosquito to harass me!" (author: Zhang Qian)


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