Xining hundred thousand school teachers training plan to start

to change the school education "heavy wisdom light" situation, recently, the city launched a comprehensive "hundred thousand school teachers" moral education cadre training plan, according to the plan, the city will be the three county municipal and district four of all primary and secondary school teacher training, so that they become the backbone of effective moral education exhibition school.

"100 thousand school teacher training is the first two days of the" national famous educator education report cum school class teacher, class design method innovation "training, to update the teacher education concept, making them rethink teaching methods, ways and means to a more scientific and effective to improve the pertinence and the effectiveness of moral education. It is reported that the city to carry out the building of "democracy, equality, respect and harmony" as the core of the "hundred thousand school teachers" training plan and training schools for parents, will grow in the minors in the process of continuous improvement and to play an active role in the school, family and society "three-in-one" network moral education management, strengthen the "Khalid the tree" concept of education, family, school and society to form a true sense of education together, to achieve the three consistency in education idea, education idea, education contents, education ways and methods of education and harmonious. (author: Dezhou)

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