Strengthen the assessment of urban green space to ensure the full implementation of fine management

8 21 in the morning, held at the district greening area green park, square, daily maintenance management review meetings, the main objective of the meeting is to urge the pipe responsible in the daily green conservation management to further implement fine management, ensure the quality of the green landscape area, a good foundation for the city civilized degree index and the landscape renovation lay the. Du Qingzhen, director of the Department of green chaired the meeting.
first, increase the assessment efforts to test and promote tube. Adhere to the daily inspection and the end of the month on the combination of examination, assessment of rewards in accordance with the total score, assessment of non-compliance responsibility the rectification and the corresponding punishment. At the same time, the daily inspection found problems in a timely manner to inform the tube section of the rectification.
Third, strictly enforce the attendance system, strict discipline. The pipe must be in the post responsibility to supervise the work of checking up if found responsible person not post absenteeism day treatment and deducted 110 yuan.

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