West Municipal Committee meeting to implement the spirit of the meeting

"to change the style of work, focus on the implementation of the basic line, face to face guidance and coordination to solve the problem, strict accountability, advocate hard work, quickly create in the region on the dedication, courage and dedication of the work atmosphere." The morning of May 13th, West District held a Fu Keji cadres meeting to convey the spirit of the Provincial Committee and party secretary Wang Xiao study in the Standing Committee of the municipal Party committee deputy secretary of the municipal Party committee meetings and Zhang Xiaorong in the municipal government party conference speech, implement the work arrangements.

meeting the requirements of the whole region to conscientiously study and implement the Standing Committee of the municipal Party committee and municipal government to meet the spirit of the meeting requirements of party unity, adhere to the goal oriented and problem oriented, focusing on development, focusing on projects, focus problems, make people’s livelihood guarantee for economic development and social construction, and the strict three real special education work, to ensure the completion of the first half of the target task, to ensure the steady growth of economic and social indicators. Give the best economic growth in battle, the scientific analysis of the current economic situation, the greatest degree of amplification of advantages, weaknesses, make full use of the investment platform, multi-channel, multi field investment, the formation of "fast and high" and the pattern of economic development. We will focus on the development of modern service industry, increase the intensity of investment in the three service centers, speed up the construction of the headquarters economic building, and organize the activities of cultural tourism festival in the western district. Focus on cultivating the main market, so that small and micro enterprises, private economy has become a new engine to stimulate economic growth in the west. To deepen reform, continue to clean up the cancellation of administrative examination and approval, to promote the administrative examination and approval service center, a cabinet service, and actively promote the comprehensive reform of urban management work, improve the level of urban management. Focus on 15 key livelihood projects, accelerate the implementation of medical pension rehabilitation center, 3 primary school teaching building construction, sunshine kitchen and other livelihood projects; accelerate the more than 7 thousand old buildings scattered comprehensive transformation steps and the key area of the demolition work, expanding the space of city development. At the same time, the hundred days of action in urban governance, air pollution and other aspects of continuous improvement of governance, consolidation and upgrading, to the municipal government and the people of all ethnic groups in the region to submit a satisfactory answer.


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