Public Security Bureau of Xining City Public Security Bureau QQ police platform to facilitate commun

city of Xining City Public Security Bureau Public Security Bureau of household registration hukou Police Brigade room for Xiaoyan patiently reception to the public residence formalities. The office wall prominently posted with the city of Xining Hukou migration procedures detailed; the other side of the wall through color posters, announced the seven convenience measures, launched the East Public Security Bureau which has a convenient service measures attracted the attention of reporters: QQ police service platform.

in the reception to handle household registration procedures for public space, watching the QQ group dynamic Xiaoyan from time to time, because some people ask questions from time to time. As the "East huzhengke" police QQ manager, which sometimes goes really busy, at this time, the household registration police district police station will take the initiative to help her answer the question.

in April this year, city police set up a QQ police service platform, to provide online consulting services to residents of the area, and in the QQ group to upload the household management required form and related procedures, process procedures, in order to need to download and fill in, the effective measures to avoid some residents who do not understand the relevant policies and program running path.

as the basic household registration police station, east of the City Public Security Bureau police station ten shop O king has been shed by QQ, has been accepted by many residents of video consultation, August 3rd day, she went through the QQ area residents answered several questions.

on the phone to answer the residents consultation, many people do not know the relevant formalities of registration and procedures, open QQ police service platform, can through the combination of text and speech is the answer, the problems of the residents, especially a lot of origin in the other provinces and cities of the students, through the QQ police service platform consulting for two generation ID card and other issues, to avoid the different people from traveling, saving manpower and financial resources, but also improve the efficiency of police service.

City Public Security Bureau deputy director Zhou Jiongying said that the opening of QQ police service platform, is the East police policing management innovation, a convenient measure of serving the people, this is of positive significance to strengthen the contact and communication, although the related work is still in continuous improvement, but the city police will take this as a window, vigorously innovative policing, in convenience people should work hard to improve the management level of police.


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