Xining special deployment of control stop learning hard task

In September 1st, the Xining municipal government held the city’s "kongchuo Bao" project work, three county four district government and the city’s education, development and reform, finance, public security, civil affairs and other more than and 20 departments responsible person in charge, part of the school principals to attend the meeting. Vice mayor Tong Wang attended the meeting and the city’s "kongchuo Bao" work emphasized the need to accurately grasp the Xining city "kongchuo Bao Xue" situation; to strictly implement the "kongchuo Bao" responsibility; to establish and improve the "kongchuo Bao Xue long term management mechanism.

the decomposition of municipal government to the Department "kongchuo Bao" responsibilities include: the education department responsible for "kongchuo Bao" work organization and implementation, which will be included in the administrative departments of education, school year-end evaluation content, and evaluation as an important indicator of the development; reform departments should be included in the national local economic and social development planning; financial departments should give priority to guarantee compulsory education funds; Department of land and resources, housing and urban construction should give priority to education project of new construction land, in the process of urbanization, land reservation, sufficient education, new towns, residential construction and urban renewal and supporting the school synchronization planning, simultaneous construction, synchronous delivery; human resources and social security, industry and commerce departments responsible for regular inspection of enterprises and individual households engaged in labor units Check, units and individuals for illegally employed child labor, shall be punished according to law; public security, education, Health Planning Commission and other departments to assist the township government (street) and village to the resident population and the floating population residence check work, establish migrant children archives; Wenguang department responsible for extensive publicity and education laws and regulations, and create a "kongchuo Paul" good atmosphere; comprehensive management, public security, civil affairs and other departments responsible for the organization and coordination of solving social security problems involving "kongchuo Bao" work in the relevant departments, strengthen the management of children out of school, wandering juvenile; food and drug supervision departments in charge of the school of health, health and epidemic prevention, health supervision, canteen, food drug supervision work; the trade unions, the Communist Youth League, women’s federations, federations and civil affairs group;

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