18 water sources in our province to implement the protection project

The reporter learned from the provincial water resources department, the province actively raise funds, increase water conservation efforts, in recent years, focus on strengthening the implementation of city drinking water source protection project, has invested about 20000000 yuan, the implementation of the 18 water sources for drinking water source protection engineering.

the 18 water sources including gang water sources, Heiquan Reservoir in Minhe County Xigou forest farm source, Haiyan County bark temple water sources, Guide County, Xining city bay, such as water, water in the above construction of our province the source of physical isolation engineering, water conservation projects, to carry out propaganda warning water regulation measures and construction measures, set up a total of about 150 km fence, planting more than 3000 acres, set up warning signs more than 40 blocks, installed more than and 10 sets of water metering facilities. At the same time, the province was built in 2009 and put into use the province’s first water source water quality automatic monitoring stations, monitoring the project 8, to achieve real-time monitoring of the water quality of the source water quality standards, to ensure the safety of water sources.

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