Continue to take the forefront in the development of circular economy

1 15 afternoon, the provincial Party Secretary Wang Guosheng to participate in the deliberations of the west coast delegation. Wang Guosheng said, the army comrades of the "government work report", reflects the general secretary Xi Jinping proposed "four major requirements, down-to-earth" embodies the people centered political position, embodies the distinctive oriented focusing on hard work and focusing on practice, reflects the province of all the people. I totally agree. He said that over the past year, the provincial government to seriously implement the General Secretary Xi series of important speech during a visit to Qinghai, especially the spirit of an important speech, to unite and lead the people of all ethnic groups, the province’s poverty efforts, can be enthusiastic and press on, "a good start in 13th Five-Year.


review, Wen Guodong, Meng Hai, Wang Zhenchang, Ding Ping, Xue Mei, Ma Yongan and other representatives around the "government work report", will promote the implementation of the "four changes", the Saline Lake resources comprehensive utilization and development as a national strategy, build a new energy base, precise poverty, ethnic unity and progress, create a warm business such as pro business to speak. Xie Kangmin on behalf of the production of the first piece of magnesium ingot to report to the Secretary Wang, and deepen the development and utilization of magnesium lithium potassium made a statement. Wang Guosheng listen carefully, interrupted from time to time to share with you, ask the Wulan county tea card "the mirror of the sky" Saline Lake tourism development, people get benefits from the situation, to understand the basic Narensi herdsmen representatives and herdsmen think and hope.

wangguosheng pointed out that this year’s work, to grasp the lead adhere to adapt to the new normal economic development, firmly establish and implement the new concept of development, firmly grasp the general work guideline of maintaining stability, promote the overall development of the "five in one" overall layout and coordination to promote the "four comprehensive" strategic layout, focusing on the "four major requirements, deepen solid" the supply side structural reform, efforts to promote green development, deepen innovation driven, focus on the development of padded short board, to ensure and improve people’s livelihood, focus on serious party political life, will promote the comprehensive construction of a well-off society, built – rich civilized and harmonious new Qinghai beautiful new achievements, with outstanding achievements to greet the nineteen and the thirteenth Congress of the party the victory is held.

wangguosheng fully affirmed the Haixi Economic and social development achievements over the past year. He stressed that the west is facing the dual task of speeding up the development and transformation and development, but also shoulder the responsibility of serving the overall development of the province’s overall situation. To stand at the global level, how to integrate the national strategy in ecological construction, industrial development, opening up and national unity. We should seize the opportunity of structural reform of the supply side, cultivate new development momentum, promote the development of green low-carbon cycle, continue to develop in the forefront of circular economy. To deepen reform, explore the integration of urban and rural development, strengthen the ecological protection, continue to promote the healthy development of the economy, and constantly enhance the well-being of the people of all ethnic groups, the "four major solid" requirements of the letter, and make new contributions to the province’s economic and social development.


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