MT statement a substantial increase in speed

April 15th, the Ministry of industry and information technology official micro-blog @ micro Bo news release, which attaches great importance to the layout of the relevant research has been immediately implemented.

ministry said, for the implementation of Premier Li Keqiang’s instructions, the Ministry will increase this year broadband special action "to speed up the construction of" 4G ", greatly enhance the speed and intensity of work, people make the Internet faster and more preferential prices.

ministry is still a response that in recent years, on the "mobile phone traffic charges expensive and slow" is a hot issue of social concern and leadership concern, the Department has been working with the relevant ministries to further implement the "broadband Chinese strategy", to promote enterprises to increase investment and reduce the flow rates of mobile phone network.

Ministry of industry of this position is clearly a direct response to the day after the prime minister’s concern.

According to news, in the first quarter of April 14th held a forum on the economic situation, Li Keqiang urged the parties concerned to "speed" and "cost reduction".

"now a lot of people, where to ask ‘do not have WiFi’, that is because we are the flow of the charges!" Li Keqiang said the person in charge of the relevant departments, you can study how to reduce the flow rate, small profits but quick turnover".

for the current situation of China’s information infrastructure, Li Keqiang does not seem satisfied. He said: "I have said before that the backwardness of China’s information infrastructure, we are hard to imagine!"

according to the International Telecommunication Union, China ranks 80 in the world. Prime minister said, to increase information infrastructure, improve network bandwidth, in this regard, we have great potential, space is also great."

during the two sessions this year, Li Keqiang has made a statement on this issue: some developing countries faster than Beijing". At the forum in April 14th, Li Keqiang finally asked, the relevant departments of the participants to bring these experts and entrepreneurs to speak back, seriously study!"


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