8 counties in our province into a leisure agriculture demonstration counties

recently, the National Tourism Bureau of the Ministry of Agriculture announced in 2014, the national leisure agriculture and rural tourism demonstration counties, demonstration sites list, our province Menyuan County selected national demonstration county, high walled Gonghe County Ecological leisure farm and Huzhu County four and Sarah selected national cultural park demonstration. So far, the province through the national and provincial leisure agriculture demonstration counties identified 8, leisure agriculture demonstration point of 72.

in recent years, our province to traditional farming, agriculture, folk culture as the carrier, and actively expand the function of agriculture and animal husbandry, vigorously develop the leisure agriculture and animal husbandry and rural tourism, promote the beautiful countryside, the beautiful countryside construction, the emergence of Menyuan hundreds of rape flowers, Xining Xiang Qu farming culture ecological park leisure agriculture a typical demonstration, adjustment of agricultural structure, promote new construction of new rural and pastoral areas. According to statistics, as of the end of 2014, the province’s leisure agricultural park development to 1594, compared with 2011 increased by 532; 11 million 960 thousand annual tourists, profit of 380 million yuan; leisure agriculture up to 22 thousand employees, direct placement of 20 thousand and 700 nearby employment.


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