2014 spring action first to provide more than 7 thousand and 900 jobs to reach the site of the inten

spring breeze, spring to send post. The morning of February 11th, the Provincial Department of human resources and social security, the Provincial Federation of trade unions, the provincial women’s Federation, the Xining municipal government jointly held, the theme of "build a platform of supply and demand, and promote the transfer of employment in the province’s 2014 spring action series of activities and the first job in the north square of Xining stadium to start.

the same day of the job fair, a total of 304 domestic and foreign enterprises into the recruitment, providing jobs for more than 7915, more than 300 jobs. Site distribution of more than 2 copies of promotional materials, more than 15000 people entering the job site, the site reached the intention of employment of 2537 people, including migrant workers, a total of 1118 people, college graduates of 872 people, urban unemployed people of 547. In addition, the site also set up a special service window for policy regulations publicity and consultation, rights services, women’s employment consulting services, as well as the floating population family planning policy advocacy.

in Qinghai Mining Group Limited by Share Ltd application stage, there are many job seekers are filling out the basic situation. 26 years working experience of Huang Haidong told reporters: "it is a maintenance worker of Qinghai tractor factory, also changed a lot during the work, equipment management work of this enterprise recruitment is more suitable for me, but the treatment is relatively high, I am quite satisfied with". According to the company’s human resources recruitment director Liu Jianbin introduction, the company is mainly engaged in the recruitment of productive jobs based on the type of work, the average wage in the basic 4500 to 6000 yuan. He told reporters that companies want to hire some professional engineers, but from the registration situation, just graduated from college students registered or more. I hope the recruitment activities can be held regularly, as companies are willing to participate.

this year, spring action from mid January to the end of mid March. During the spring action, the province will be in Xining, as well as the four districts of the county as a unit, targeted to organize the 57 special recruitment activities in the city of Victoria, the city of Victoria, as well as the region’s three special recruitment activities.

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, the recruitment will participate in the registration of the employer and labor requirements can be seen in our province this year, investment in key enterprises and projects to accelerate the pace of construction, private enterprises and industrial parks provide a lot of employment positions, increase the capacity of employment in our province. Employers also take the initiative to improve benefits, reduce the access threshold, not deliberately emphasize diplomas and other conditions, but pay more attention to practical work experience and ability to provide a relatively loose space of employment and employment opportunities for various types of job seekers.


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