Our province third agricultural census to farm households more than 960 thousand households

8 month 30 days, reporters from the Qinghai Province third agricultural census publicity coordination meeting was informed that, in accordance with state regulations, the province will be the third agricultural census household registration, census standard time is at 0:00 on December 31, 2016, during the annual data for 2016 households, involving more than 960 thousand households.

it is reported that the agricultural census is a comprehensive understanding of the "three rural" development and changes in the situation of major national conditions. To organize the third agricultural census, our province will ascertain agriculture, rural areas, farmers and herdsmen basic situation, grasp the new situation of rural land circulation, agricultural production, new agricultural business entities, agricultural scale and industrialization, reflect the new changes in the new rural development outlook and the life of farmers and herdsmen. The census objects include agricultural production and operation and service units, rural households, administrative villages and towns.

of the agricultural census involving the province’s 425 towns, 4222 village, more than 960 thousand farmers and more than 10 thousand agricultural business units. The main contents include the basic situation of agricultural census practitioners; agricultural land use and agricultural production and circulation; structure; new agricultural business entities with the scale and industrialization of agriculture; new rural construction; rural living environment and lifestyle changes such as farmers.

The third national agricultural census of

is divided into 4 stages, the object of which is the majority of farmers and herdsmen. The propaganda and mobilization work of the census should be carried out with emphasis on the tasks and characteristics of each stage.


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