Organized by the city of Xining city health education lecturers Conference

to conscientiously implement the "CPC Central Committee and State Council" on the deepening of the reform of medical care system and the Ministry of health on the issuance of the "National Health Education Institute norms", further strengthening the city health education and health promotion, the consolidation of health fruit, improve public health knowledge level and health quality, the study decided to set up Xining city health education instructors. City and the city health and health education in October 20, 2010 organized the "Xining health education lecturer group" preparatory meeting. 30 "Xining city health education instructors" recommended the county health administrative departments and subordinate units of the candidates attended the meeting.
will first by the Municipal Health Education Institute deputy director Comrade Wang Chenglian introduced the "Xining city health education instructors", the purpose of the establishment of the main task, the members of the program, teaching content, "Xining city health education instructors" work responsibilities and office duties, members of the selection trial score and judges the situation etc.. Followed by the city of love to do full-time deputy director Zhan Jinyuan stressed the importance and significance of the establishment of the Xining health education lecturer group. Finally, by the Municipal Health Education Institute deputy director Comrade Wang Chenglian on the "best mode of transmission is interpersonal communication, do a successful speaker" as the theme of the popular speech skills training, the participants understand and grasp the knowledge and method of speech, and to lay a foundation for the next lecture.

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