spent 2 billion to help poor people out of poverty

Huangyuan County Rural Village stepped down in the financial support for poverty alleviation loans, cattle and sheep breeding industry was booming…… In the poor village to promote the whole village, industrial and social poverty alleviation projects, driven by the about 2000000000 poverty alleviation funds, the city vigorously implement poverty alleviation and development work to help farmers get rid of poverty. 2011 to the present, nearly 200 thousand of the city’s poor to achieve poverty, poverty per capita income continues to grow, farmers living conditions change every day. The whole village to allow farmers to increase the income of the road from 2004 to 2014 in the town of the county’s 44 villages and towns in the implementation of the village of poverty alleviation and development of the entire village of 715 projects to promote the implementation of the project to promote the development of the whole village to promote poverty alleviation and development of the entire village to promote the development of the project in the village of three counties. Through the implementation of 779 production projects, the project villages and poor areas around the initial formation of the characteristics of the industrial production pattern, the project has a basic income households in the village project, the village characteristics of the industry. To solve the practical difficulties of poor households to move from 2011 to 2014 three 90 villages to implement the relocation project, 10775 poor households through relocation, completely solve the difficulties and other difficulties, improve production and living conditions. Poverty alleviation and construction of the base of the industrial base of more than 500 through the implementation of a focus on the integration of the characteristics of the industrial base, the development of agriculture and animal husbandry, tourism and forestry, poverty-stricken areas gradually formed their respective advantages of the industry. By the end of 500, the city’s poverty-stricken areas to build various types of poverty alleviation industry base of more than 2013. 62 enterprises and the development of the village to carry out the village of poor, poor people get benefits, enterprises have been developed by the 107. One of the important contents of the rain plan to help the poor in young people in employment as a new stage of poverty alleviation and development work, and plan to help the poor young farmers to master the practical skills to solve practical difficulties in employment, entrepreneurship, employment rate reached 90%. Social assistance for poor village cadres, inject vitality in our city community twinning poor households, 2011 to 2014 to implement targeted aid relief fund 11 million 980 thousand yuan, the introduction of project 84, to inject new vitality into the impoverished village.  

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