Yami waffle alliance is a healthy choice

healthy drinks, in our lives, has been very popular. For business with a small capital of entrepreneurs, entrepreneurs choose to join the "waffle such delicious and healthy, always very business choice!


of the country’s first five-star waffle healthy concept, new forms of the original milk tea and health tea culture, unique brand, had extraordinary to join the market, join us now to enjoy the wealth.

of waffle keen on creative product development, the company has specialized R & D Specialist, who grasp the direction of the market, leading the fashion trend, not only provide delicious and healthy products for customers, more let the customers feel happy and satisfied. Professional creative design, the maximum catch sight of the customer; customer service Service Medal, for awesome franchisees; customer first impression now will choose a more fashion, more beautiful, more comfortable store environment.

, the high-end positioning products, brewed espresso, Belgian waffles, fashion special drink shop to join the rich product structure at the same time, to meet the fashion consumer groups, business groups and other high consumer demand, selling a variety of products covering 100 360°. Include: students / young people gathered, office workers afternoon tea, dating lovers, business negotiations, family dinner, etc..


of waffles? High quality drinks, always very attractive to consumers. An open their own stores of waffle, in fact, you will find that success is so simple!

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