24 hour convenience store business strategy what are the whole

whether it is a big market demand, the market prospect is no matter how good, but under the current environment of operating a shop actually need to master certain strategy, this will make the business bigger and more likely. So, 24 hours convenience store business strategy? Xiao Bian to make a simple analysis for you.

do not eat food in the middle of the night, most people will choose convenience stores, although the price is slightly expensive, but buy a safe and convenient. This is the advantage of 24 hours convenience store, to determine the extent of the advantages of the operation of the good or bad. Take a look at the three operating strategies for opening a 24 hour convenience store:

to an occasional overtime late at night when you can eat restaurants did not think it is a tragedy, many people have had this experience, this time only to find the lights for 24 hours a convenience supermarket can help, especially when winter will know the benefits of convenience stores the. So for 24 hours convenience store, the site is located in traffic fortress, next to the Gaestgiveriet Hotel, or Internet cafes and other places where the crowd at night is the best.

an area of 500 thousand square meters of the surrounding communities, the original 5 24 hour convenience store, only a chain brand shop near the east gate of the most prosperous business, so that other shops are not open to the final 24 hours will be closed. Which opened 24 hours convenience store in the end what kind of hidden mystery?

market analysis: the best competitive pressure

, the most popular convenience store, is the first 24 hour convenience store in the area. When the owner to make this decision, the main purpose of the supermarket next to a cafe and chess room. This is consistent with the general rules of location 24 hours convenience store: the implementation of 24 hours all-weather business convenience stores supermarkets and convenience stores, the business scope should not exceed 500 meters, the main customers for 5-7 minutes walk to the store.

these cafes and chess room consumers in the middle of the night after looking for a 24 hour convenience store, when only this one, plus the right place, it accumulated a lot of old customers. Wait until the other 4 supermarkets opened up, open 24 hours convenience store these consumers have developed the habit of spending the first supermarket.

single or two or three open 24 hour convenience store scale is not necessary to open 24 hours, only those who already have small and medium-sized supermarket chain expansion over dozens of stores, can reduce the cost advantage through intensive management and scale benefit, take a good 24 hours all-weather business downwind boat. And this business is booming 24 hours supermarket is just a large supermarket chain stores, such a cost control and price advantage.


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