How to open a family restaurant location

is now that people’s economic ability of ordinary was improved, and the growing importance of adults and children get along with time, three is the status of children in the family is more and more high, so that the family restaurant began to receive more and more sure. Therefore, the opening of the family restaurant has become the choice of many investors. However, if you want to successy open a family restaurant, naturally also need to do a good job related to the site. So, how to choose a home restaurant?

parent-child restaurant target customers are divided into two levels of children and parents, parents as a decision maker, led the consumer decision-making. Although the focus is on the younger generation of parents, but there is still a subdivision of the market demand, these needs are different, it determines the parent-child restaurant where to go.

1, easy to bring children

80, 90 after the young mothers tend to have their own parenting ideas, most of them hope that at the same time, but also to maintain a certain self space.

in the national comprehensive two child policy after the release, a mother with two children would be more common, parent-child restaurant can meet their children to go out to eat, and relax, this is also the largest demand for family restaurant.

children’s restaurant opened in a large integrated store, easy access to transportation, but also with early childhood education, parent-child activities and other business formats complementary. Because the parents will be close to, with the children on the end of interest classes directly to eat, but also has a certain parent-child entertainment.

therefore, the meal is only the most basic services to provide convenience, the liberation of the mother is the core value of large commercial centers is the most common site.

2, providing high-quality preschool education

out of the educational function of attention, some of the higher income families of parents, will tend to choose a combination of high quality food and preschool education one-stop service.


family restaurant is more valued, is in before and after children can really gain knowledge and literacy education, belonging to the family restaurant, higher requirements for the area and functional, parents’educational level and consumption capacity is higher, so generally in the vicinity of high-grade community, can provide similar "temporary the kindergarten" function.

3, accompany and share time

There are also two factors in the first

needs to provide companionship time, but some of the needs of parents, all the time spent with their children, which is close to the parent club.

so this type of parent-child restaurant is large, usually located in the suburbs

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