Yibin city opens with love run

autistic children and ordinary children are different, they are withdrawn, and rarely speak, and IQ is not the same as others. Yibin City Pingshan County Pingshan County civilization office, the Communist Youth League and a number of institutions and social organizations who love to light up the stars light, and 30 provinces and cities nationwide 162 run group, 136 countries around the world, tens of thousands of well-known landmarks with light blue lights for the "children of the stars" refueling.

running friends along the way, called for more attention to autistic children. After the end of the run, the organizers of the event to participate in the activities of children with autism medal challenge. Volunteers issued a blue ribbon and star lights associated with autism, and the presence of autistic children and their families to carry out parent-child interaction game.

also on the guitar, dance performances and small gifts of love. Part of the caring people will also be donated to the scene of the toy auction. "We hope that through this event, for the general public to understand and pay attention to children with autism, also hope that the community can accept and accommodate them, give them a good living environment, so that they can live a happy life every day." A representative of the representative of the unit to participate in love.

in this love with the activities of running, can let the children more happy. A total of more than and 200 volunteers, caring people to participate in the activities of the auction site, raising funds totaling 2000 yuan, Yibin City Pingshan County Charity Association official said: "these funds will be deposited into charity charity association business account, designed to help children with special needs."

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