Bear children turn off the fire hydrant broke into a catastrophe

in life, as parents must supervise and educate their children, because as long as a little note, some children will be rushed down the catastrophe, this bear children will say next will unscrew the fire hydrant flooded residential elevator.

to high-rise fire hydrant on, water lift…… From June to 19 this month, Chongqing Dadukou 5 District 15 elevator, was a 10 year old bear children so toss, produce large repair costs. Currently, the police have been involved in the investigation.

monitoring locked the 10 year old boy

"I just stand in the elevator, I heard ‘wow’ sound, water from the car roof falling down." Aunt Liu is the Royal Dragon Court building 10 floor tenants, she said that the 16 day of the incident, about 11 points, then 3 elevator outage.

Wuguan lift check and corridor monitoring found that a 10 year old boy took the elevator to the 30 floor, the fire inside the pipe connected to the fire hydrant, the water pipe laying to the elevator door, and then ran back to the fire hydrant, boiling water valve screw hands. In order to pour into the 3 elevator, he also took the water pipe to the door of each of the 3 car shed water for more than and 10 seconds. After visiting and posting photos, Wuguan found that the boy is not a small household.

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