Lighting stores how to maintain customer relationship

How does

lamp shop do good worry to manage business? This is a lot of franchisees need to pay attention to the problem. If franchisees know how to maintain the relationship with the customer it is much simpler. Many franchisees know the direction, but do not know where to start. Xiao Bian provides a few ideas, hoping to meet the needs of the market.

operator to a lot of understanding of consumers’ thoughts, and also to understand the market, that has more advantages in operation time. Understand the customer’s ideas, bring the guests satisfied with the good products, sales out, there is a guarantee of profitability.

is for old customers to maintain. Lighting stores want to have a stable good business, then the old customer is very important to the presence of the people to open the lighting stores must pay attention to this point. Treat old customers better, to be good at listening to the views of the old customers.

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