Chengdu nternational nnovation and entrepreneurship center with international influence

innovation and entrepreneurship has become the current Chinese to solve the economic development trend of a few years, Sichuan has been strengthening the construction of Sichuan innovation and entrepreneurship, to build Sichuan southwest of the development and innovation of.

sound, Pixian tangchangtown Zhanqi village written into the history of Sichuan: in September last year, the village is an area for the construction of the collective management of 13.447 acres of land in Sichuan the first successful bid, the sound operation of rural collective construction land into the city. "".

the same period, the national people plan expert, leadcompounds founder Li Jin, also in order to refresh "history" sprint: he set up the first "drug Seed Bank of China in Chengdu, using DNA encoding compound library of 1 billion" seed "storage, shortened from a" the floor to a few square meters".

rewriting history, exploration experience, National Demonstration — in the national transformation and upgrading in the background of the times, the two sections of this seemingly unrelated, contains the same meaning: a key to promote Sichuan as a comprehensive reform pilot innovation system, Chengdu the first power comprehensive innovation reform as economic and social development, to build regional innovation center start with international influence.

[strategic] spirit of reform One principle runs through it all.

"ending 12th Five-Year", Chengdu’s total economic output exceeded one trillion yuan mark, the per capita GDP exceeded $10 thousand, and maintained a rapid growth of 7.9% in 2015.

Results: in the

Tianfu promotion national district, Chengdu high tech Zone Approved National Innovation Demonstration Zone, Chengdu ecological park, the Sino French German SMEs cooperation Park, South Korea Innovation Park and other three international cooperation platform have been settled; state also gives Chengdu a new round of rural reform, innovation and development of National Ice services trade pilot task.

reform release bonus, embodies the power of innovation. In 2015, the Chengdu high tech industry output value of 750 billion yuan, an increase of 14.50%; at the same time, the invention patent applications, growth rate of more than 40% new types of market players registered more than 30% growth rate.

comprehensive break the system barriers

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