Entrepreneurship shop FAQ

shop to do business, will certainly encounter a variety of problems, some can solve yourself, but can not solve the can find others to consult, the whole network Xiaobian compiled some common shop problems, you may wish to take a look.

1, I would like to open a shop, is to join the good or self?

A: each has advantages and disadvantages, mainly focused on what you see. If you pay attention to the brand, you can consider joining, the choice of well-known brands to join, and the store is not a brand effect. If you value creativity and flexibility, consider your own. Self shop flexibility, can be adjusted according to the market at any time to adjust their marketing strategy. Franchise stores are standardized management, is unlikely to have their own ideas. In addition, the introduction of the unified purchase, unified distribution principle, in the course of the business is too restrictive.

2, shop location should pay attention to what?

A: there are many factors to pay attention to the shop location:


: traffic flow of local business opportunities will be relatively large.


Traffic: set up shop only in traffic convenience, can provide convenience to consumers, to attract more customers.


. The competition from the competition: shop, shop near complementary.

. The rent: in general, the more busy store rents higher.

. The consumption level of shops: according to the product or service level, determine the consumption of crowded places.

3, commodity display what skills


A: commodity display not only from their own shop management and aesthetic point of view, should give full consideration to the feelings and needs of customers.

4, join a shop, what costs?

Answer 1:

the margin: as in the future to pay costs and debt guarantees, but also with the headquarters to store the goods provided by the deposit properties, number of companies ranging from. The contract is terminated when the refund, the situation is different, depending on the contract between the parties.


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