Dad went to where several happy few worries behind the sponsor brand

recent reality show is crazy get together, the major TV are unwilling to lag behind, and tracing the source, or because of the "Daddy where" caused by the hot. The first quarter of the father where to go, in fact, was not initially optimistic, in all those who do not look good at the time, the most likely regret today is the United States of America’s marketing team.

they once so close to this victory, but at the last moment because internal to the project and give the judge controversial title sponsorship opportunities, thus missed this year’s most popular marketing platform. The dark horse believes that in this era, not the era of content is not valuable, but the era of scarcity of good content, the real good content can still create a good content.

The main sponsor

than those of popular singing show, "" Daddy where no 1/5 sponsorship costs is an important factor in facilitating miss Boiled dumplings making. For a lot of people who do not cook, as well as Guo Tao would only give his son to cook instant noodles for the father, Miss dumplings is a necessity to live at home.

the brand strong temperament and family home that "where" Dad, there is a natural fit of the height. A series of print ads, follow the creative micro-blog and WeChat, as well as in the terminal market set "father eat what" parent-child interactive promotional activities, let the thoughts in the program outside the brand gained a high degree of attention. Miss the first test of water entertainment marketing so easily fame.

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