College students to help people from the start decoration shop

in the same entrepreneurial environment, entrepreneurs want to have a tight encirclement to start a business, such as the public choose to open the shop, then, I can for their decoration shop.


A, see many students love to eat snacks, he sold from Xinjiang jujube and other dried fruits, in the first half of the campus sales, earned 30 thousand yuan, earned his first pot of gold.

The process of

however, expected in the case of incoming advertising does not appear, want to use the original business to make a fortune, but was struggling after a year to pay 60 thousand yuan and embarrassment.

painful failure experience, and not get Dai Pengcheng, but Yuecuoyueyong more concentrated on new business opportunities. In the campus, he saw a lot of stores do not understand the decoration, decoration students have opened shop, micro shop, because the store is not pretty, turnover has not been high. If the shop, micro shop to provide decoration, it can not achieve a win-win situation." Dai Pengcheng’s eyes lit up, he felt he found new business opportunities.

the beginning, due to Dai Pengcheng’s shop decoration effect is not ideal, electricity providers who do not want to spend the money decoration. Dai Pengcheng took his partner to separate lobbying, proposed the first trial decoration effect, profit from the sale of labor costs as a result of the cooperation model, which helped him improve the visibility of the circle. Dai Pengcheng gradually expand their business, to help businesses set up Taobao stores, and then to promote the profit after the decoration, the team gradually open the market. Slowly, looking for online shop decoration more and more customers.

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